Inspired Exteriors

Drawing inspiration from its natural surroundings, CANVAS façade borrows wood tones, earthy brick, and tranquil clays for an artful, yet understated colour palette. Order and symmetry are central themes in CANVAS’ carefully considered exterior massing, satisfying both the casual observer and architectural connoisseur alike.




Timeless Interiors

A contemporary yet tranquil enclave awaits as you enter your new home at CANVAS. Conscientiously coordinated by Redekop Reddale’s expert interior designer, your new home features a blend of timeless simplicity and modern accents. Borrowing from past works at Redekop Reddale’s highly successful Jericho community, CANVAS’ modern finishes offer an artful flair with captivating comfort.

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The Developer reserves the right to modify the building design, floor plans, prices, suite features and specifications. This does not constitute an offering for sale. Any such offering shall only be made in conjunction with the delivery of a Disclosure Statement. E&OE All pricing is subject to applicable taxes. Any offerings, or promotions are Invitation to Treat only and may terminate at any time without notice.